Photobook „DEN HAAG“

Size: 272 x 170 mm
Extent: 80 pages
Photographs: 32 colour photographs
Binding: light-pink linen softcover, 2 light-grey stampings, thread stitching
Language: English
Text: Annette Birschel, Juliane Herrmann
Design: Sebastian Tiede

Limited edition: 100 copies

In my photobook „DEN HAAG“ views of the city, portraits und snap-shots are documented in my photographic exploration of the city of The Hague. It was the urge to explore the neighbouring country – which in a funny way is so similar and yet so different to my own – that led me to the Dutch city behind the dunes.
The search for something exotic led to the discovery of something trusted: everyday moments, special traits of the city and the people of The Hague. All these show that the character of a city is represented by its side streets, on the marketplace and in the routines and characters of the citizens and not in its tourist attractions.


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Special edition of 10,
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„New Year’s dive, Scheveningen, The Hague“
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