Cover von Beyond II

Beyond II

Beyond II is a magazine featuring ten young female photographers.

Our concept was to showcase a variety of approaches and to open a discourse about current tendencies in humanistic photography.

Anais Perry, Hayley Austin, Johanna Maria Fritz, Ksenia Kuleshova, Lia Darjes, Luiza Folegatti, Maria Sturm, Sarah Pabst, Sissel Thastum and Snezhana von Büdingen were featured in the 2018 edition of Beyond. In humanistic photography women are still greatly underrepresented, and we aimed to draw attention to the situation with this issue of Beyond. In the second edition, the format was expanded to several panel discussions and an exhibition. The exhibition at Kunsthaus Rhenania in May 2019 has been curated by Miriam Zlobinski (visual historian and curator) and Juliane Herrmann (initiator of Beyond and photographer).


Information on the printing

  • Newspaper style
  • Size: 255mm x 350mm
  • 48 pages
  • Full colour offset printing
  • Edition of 2000 copies


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